Medication Therapy

Atlantic Drugs is highly concerned of your overall health that even if you are already on medication, we still want to make sure that you are not missing or mismanaging your prescriptions. It has been known that poorly managed medicine dosage and administration has caused America $177 billion in death and injury alone. So we make available our Medication Therapy Management program available to our clients. Our Medication Therapy Management program aims to help patients get the most out of their medications by managing their therapy and monitoring, assessing, preventing and resolving drug-related concerns.

Our patients who are mentally-impaired, in an advanced age or taking multiple medications can highly benefit from this service. You can trust that the staff at our Prescription Pharmacy in Long Beach, California will ensure that you or your patient will be provided with a wide range of services that will ensure their safety, treatment and overall wellness as they comply with their prescriptions. To benefit from this service, we encourage you to place a call today and talk with any of our friendly staff. Or better yet, pay us a visit and we will personally meet with you regarding your medications.