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Atlantic Drugs was founded to answer the demands of superior health and sustainable wellness for the families we serve in the communities of Long Beach, California. As a family-owned and managed pharmacy, we are dedicated to serving our locals with the level of quality and dependability that they can get from giant pharmacy chains. We bank on our focus and dedication to deliver excellent services that should not come at a great price.

We are composed of a close-knit team of managers, pharmacists, chemists, technicians, and staff who works mutually towards satisfying every customer that comes through our door. We offer services that you may find in other big pharmacies but with a more personal touch. You can also trust that our pharmaceutical, health, and other personal and beauty products are well selected to make sure that we only carry those which are regulated and approved by regulating bodies to ensure your safety all the time. We have a wide range of medical supplies making sure that you have access to all you need in just one trip.

As a Prescription Pharmacy in Long Beach, California, Atlantic Drugs offers easy, convenient, personal, and affordable customer services that you will need in this highly technical and detached world. So visit our drugstore today and feel the difference

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